Sarah Langley, Forest of Dean

My experience of receiving Shiatsu was very powerful. It showed me how I could support my mare with her narcolepsy. Physically the falls are jarring her body, impacting on her joints, creating stiffness there, and emotionally she loses her self-confidence. Shiatsu helps her to restore her confidence and to move with more ease. What is wonderful about the way Alexandra works is that she teaches the riders techniques to use on a daily basis with your horse. It taught me how to relate to my mare on a deeper level through touch. I have found the more I give my mare Shiatsu, the deeper our relationship becomes. She can now tell me what she needs and I now am able to listen and respond. Horses mirror us so truthfully and with such deep insight how we need to be, to truly be who we are. With regards to my riding, it enabled me to identify how my own stiffness in my body was impinging upon her movement. The more I worked on my own flexibility, the more it supported our union.