What are the benefits?

HorseShiatsu-5286HorseShiatsu-5278HorseShiatsu-5247Shiatsu aims to assist the individual towards greater balance and natural alignment. As stress is released from muscles, tissues and structure of the body, mobility, comfort, attitude, training and performance can improve.

Shiatsu can:

  • Reduce stress and promotes relaxation
  • Help prevent injury and disease before it occurs
  • Help the elimination of toxins and reduces muscle soreness
  • Increase metabolic rate, blood and lymph flow, cellular nutrition, strengthens the immune system, supporting hormonal and nervous systems
  • Revitalize and support the horse after the strains of being ridden.

Undetected, accumulated physical and emotional stress, if not dealt with can cause physical and behavioural issues which may impede performance.

Conditions that can be treated with Shiatsu include:

  • acute or chronic conditions
  • arthritis
  • behavioural changes: bucking, rearing, kicking, bolting
  • cold backed
  • colic
  • gait problems: short striding, cross canter, tracking up
  • laminitis
  • lameness
  • muscular-skeletal problems: stiffness on one rein, neck/back conditions
  • pain and discomfort in  older horses