Below are a set of testimonials from my Shiatsu clients:

Lara Ellender, Bristol

Alexandra is heartfelt and authentic. Her work is well balanced in head and heart, knowledge and intuition. I feel really listened to and held in a safe space.

Sally Fear, Bristol

I met Alexandra 4 years ago and have been so happy with her treatments I have never looked back. After years of back and neck pain, the shiatsu treatments I have received have been of huge benefit. I was told many years ago I would always suffer with back pain and there was very little I could do about it, this I believed until I discovered shiatsu. Not only does it treat my body it treats my whole being. To become aware of my mental and spiritual wellbeing and how that affects my physical wellbeing is the gift that Alexandra has given me and I will continue to pass this wonderful gift on to people who wish to explore it.

Liz G, Bristol.

In her treatments Alexandra has an amazing capacity to really hold you where it hurts. She has enormous sensitivity to work with deep pain. She truly is a healer and as a fellow practitioner I look forward to our treatment exchanges with enthusiasm. I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering pain of any kind, physical , mental or emotional as she has the ability to really empathize and focus clearly and strongly on your presenting issues. Thank you Alexandra for helping me to overcome certain obstacles.

Tam, Bristol

Alexandra was incredibly intuitive and understanding during our series of treatments.  I was feeling quite emotionally low at the time, and my menstrual cycle had stopped for over a year. The sessions brought about a deep relaxation and peace and I was able to reconnect with my body.  Shortly after my periods returned and have continued with a good regularity.

Dan, Bristol

I really enjoy my visits to Alexandra’s practice in Barrow Gurney. It is easy to find. I‘ve worked hard physically all my life. The sessions help me restore my equilibrium and build extra resources. I feel supported, nurtured and left confident. I have found something of great value to me in my efforts to live life and enjoy every moment.

Laura Stringer

A Craniosacral and Shiatsu mixed session always helps me to feel grounded and clears my mind, helping me to start over when I need it. Alexandra is a caring, talented professional who always makes you feel comfortable. Her approach helps me to love and accept my emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.

Patti Gallagher

I am a new person! I had been having problems with my knees for over 2 years, it hurt to kneel down, I could only bear it for a few seconds and then took ages to get back up from the floor. After only one session of Craniosacral Therapy with Alexandra Sticher, I had the use of my knees back again. I can now kneel down and get back up again easily, no pain, no struggling. I thought that I was going to have to live with bad knees for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for giving me back my knees.

Adrian, Bristol

Initially I sought help and relief for pain and discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders as a result of poor posture, which made me feel moody and depressed. Shiatsu is a restorative practice that touches my whole being deeply. The sessions are energetic and healing; they ease my discomfort, make me feel revitalized, relaxed, lighter, and more flexible. Finding the right practitioner is important because in many ways shiatsu feels like a partnership, a journey, an exploration. Over the last 10 years I found all this in my sessions with Alexandra. Like a true healer she works intuitively and with great compassion, always focused on the client. Her touch is gentle, sensitive but strong and supporting when it needs to be.

Bob Tarren, Bristol

‘Thanks for having the bravery and skills to go on a remarkable journey together.  Our work together left a great feeling beyond words in my heart.  Thanks for allowing me to share so many things properly with you and welcoming them rather than running away.’ – Alexandra clearly loves her work and that has come across strongly to me in her treatments. For me she created a safe, warm, and accepting place in which to explore what I needed from the treatments at my own pace. She helped me along with considerable wisdom when stuck. Her naturally caring nature, great kindness, sensitivity, strength and sense of fun shine through and are infectious!

Elisabeth, Bristol

I have know Alexandra for over ten years and I find her treatments exceptional. She is highly-skilled and understands the body’s intricacies. What I think makes her stand out from the crowd is that her expertise and knowledge is supported by her integrity as a person, and her deeply compassionate presence. I feel safe with Alexandra. I want to add that I have suffered from a bad back including a slipped disc and whenever I feel my back is threatening to cause me trouble, I go for a treatment with Alexandra. Without fail, my back improves, flexibility returns and the pain is gone. Thank you, Alexandra.

Candida, Bristol

I have had many treatments over the last few years with Alexandra, both cranialosacral therapy and shiatsu. She is an exceptional healer, and I have come away from every session, having let go of tension in body, mind and spirit, feeling boosted with energy and wellness. I would highly recommend her.

Leonie, Bristol

Alexandra is a practitioner of outstanding integrity. She has supported me through many difficult times and her work is second to none. I have been going to her for treatments over the last 10 years. I just feel so much better and more peaceful after her shiatsu. I recommend her to everyone.

Vicki Thomas

Alexandra’s shiatsu treatment is healing and gentle but firm when needed. She tunes in deeply and sensitively to what is needed and provides a space to explore whatever comes up in the session. I would recommend her sessions highly.

Jo Heinrich, Long Ashton

My amazing shiatsu friend Alexandra helps me to feel better about pretty much everything! I find my glow again. Her words always carry a great deal of truth in our sessions and she always manages to point me in the right direction.

Clare Russell, clarerussell.com

Having a treatment with Alexandra is deep nurturance for mind,body and soul.  She is an intuitive and gifted practitioner, who creates a space of trust and presence where magic happens.  Somehow she speaks to my being in such a way that everything relaxes and softens.    Places where I didn’t even realise I was holding tension let go!  After a treatment I feel lighter, present and connected.  I love my regular treatments with her, her sensitivity and high level of experience means each session is perfectly suited to what I need at that time.

Clare Russell
Diane, Bristol

Alexandra has the ability to support a gentle deep emotional response. She is a very “safe pair of hands.” I have known Alexandra first as a person in a group meditation situation. A participant like myself who bought to the group her openness, support of others in their vulnerability and an ability to trust others with her own thoughts and feelings.
Then I met her as a therapist. I have had three treatments which have benefitted me emotionally and physically. I have made many recommendations to both family and friends to have treatments with Alexandra such is my enthusiasm for her ability as a therapist. Then I discovered she taught Qi Gong an exercise routine which suited both my husband and myself.
As a trained nurse of some 38 years I have met many people who would have benefited from exercise sessions with Alexandra. This form of exercise reaches deeply into the muscles and joints of the body, as well as the soul.

Zena Wilson

Alexandra is a very special healer.  I spent decades searching for a healer to intuit what I needed on emotional, spiritual and physical level. I was fortunate enough to have received an abundance of emotional and spiritual support, and separate support on a physical level but never the three together.  After many disappointments and frustrations I almost gave up and started to believe it was an illusion to think it was even possible. Then in a very serendipitous way Alexandra manifested into my life and onto my journey at the exact time I needed her the most! What unfolded was a blissful and beautiful  healing connection. I truly believe she has an otherworldly gift that can reach into the darkest most fearful places of your being and touch you with so much light and love it’s impossible not to heal.  Alexandra instinctively knows how to make you feel safe, allows you to open your heart and facilitates a deep trust, she knows how and where you need touching and she listens. It’s deeply nurturing, cathartic and gratifying.
I am so grateful for who Alexandra is and what she brings to this world.  She is a very powerful healer and a wonderful person. I can’t thank her enough.