hands with pebbles

Put healing in good hands – your own. (Donna Eden) 

Qigong is the cultivation of life energy through intention, breath and movement, bringing alignment, awareness and transformation. Stretch and relax, breathe and connect, feel invigoraalexandrasticher profile pictureted and happy. Find joy in your heart. Discover your own unique personal and cosmic connection to the exquisite beauty of all of life.

Qigong helped me find the ground beneath my feet, the breath in my lungs to cope with the pain in my heart, slowly embody again after my personal trauma. I now teach Qigong because I love inspiring others to empower themselves.

Open your being to appreciate and receive the unseen subtle gifts of life around us – available at any moment. Give yourself the space to open your body, to clear blockages, tension and relieve pain. Let your mind rest in stillness and peace. Trust the wisdom of your body to move itself open and into wholeness. Connect with your being. Receive yourself. Drop into your own deep knowing. Explore new emerging aspects of yourself, from where your wisdom guides you. Recognise and be with your truth and meet it in authenticity.Those insights offer deep healing and integration.  Be nourishedBe.

Qi Gong, what would it mean to you? Aerobic exercise, mindful movement meditation?