DSC_0175Craniosacral Therapy treatments are beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, whether the root is physical, mental or emotional. All your experiences have shaped you and your life. They are held within the body and may manifest as symptoms such like tensions, headaches, lack of energy, anxiety and depression. Certain areas of the body may be in pain, stagnant, tired or depleted. Treatments can help you cope with everyday stresses and promote well-being. Individual sessions are led by the pace and wisdom of your body. They offer you a safe space to pause, become still, listen deeply and relate directly to these experiences.

DSC_0190The body’s self-healing power is sparked up, relieving symptoms and re-connecting you to your core.

Craniosacral Therapy can:

  • Reduce stress and promotes relaxation
  • Help prevent injury and disease before it occurs
  • Help the elimination of toxins and reduces muscle soreness
  • Increase metabolic rate, blood and lymph flow, cellular nutrition, strengthens the immune system, supporting hormonal and nervous systems

Treatment can aid almost any condition, raising vitality and improving the body’s capacity for self-repair. You may feel a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation. The sessions are performed on a treatment couch. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. Craniosacral Therapy complements any western medical treatment you may be having. Enjoy a treatment, leave feeling restored, re-energised and deeply nourished.