What happens during a shiatsu treatment?

consultationDuring your confidential consultation, Alexandra will take a medical history. At the start of each subsequent appointment there will be the opportunity for feedback and discussion, which allows your process to deepen.

Treatments usually last one hour, but can be extended to 1.5 or 2 hours. They are received on a futon on the floor, or on a chair, wearing lose, comfortable clothes. A range of techniques may be used in response to your individual needs. To support and balance your body’s energy, profound stillness and gentle holding may be offered. To mobilise joints, to release and revitalise, deep pressure, limb rotations and strong stretches may be used.

Your reason for receiving Shiatsu usually determines the frequency of sessions. Often one treatmeIMG_2770-copynt can bring great relief to your condition, 4- 6 sessions could complete the shift you are looking for. You might decide to continue with maintenance treatments, bi-weekly or quarterly.