Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Connecting-Healing Coaching, EFT, Qigong Teaching ~ corporate and private ~ onsite treatments, workshops, events. In person and on Zoom.

Hallo, herzlich willkommen, my whole hearted welcome. I like to introduce myself to you. My name is Alexandra. Over 25 years ago my work with horses inspired my involvement with Healing and Shiatsu. My passion is to support your unique healing journey. Our body holds and tells our life story. I offer you a safe space in which deep seated patterns are recognized and transformed, conditioned beliefs unlearned. Once again you experience your whole, true Self and your gifts. Experience inner Peace, Joy, Love and Freedom to live your life according to your Heart’s Desire. Live what you  were born for. Wholeheartedly !

The treatments I offer are deeply nourishing and beneficial for people of any age, even for those who are fragile or in acute pain. They can be used preventatively and for the underlying causes of a wide variety of conditions: stress and pain management, recovery from surgery, long-term illness, depression, anxiety, poor sleep.

My treatments support and complement any psychotherapy or western medical treatment you may be having. From our work together you can build up an empowering repertoire of practical, effective tools, which you may choose to integrate into your daily life. I also work with pregnancy, birth, mum & baby & family, grief, loss, death & dying, horse & rider.

Embrace the courage to heal and be authentic. Be. Embody the Love that you are.

In Person and Online session menu:  via Zoom, phone or Whatsapp :

  • Working with Craniosacral skills
  • Self Shiatsu Supervision
  • EFT
  • Online QIGONG Saturdays 9.30 -10.30 am
  • Whole~Hearted coaching

Online Qigong classes for Health & Happiness

Next classes: 6. / 13. / 20. April ~ 4. / 11. / 25. May ~ 1. / 8. / 15. June

no experience needed – everyone welcome – be comfy in your space & clothes – barefoot – water at hand – stand or sit – if any move is too hard: imagine it and breathe, as mind and breath move the Qi – take breaks

time for self-nurture: listen to our body, mind & heart with compassion. move, soften, open, making space within, connect, come back home to ourselves, receive, fill up, contribute our overflow to the world.

Saturdays: 9.30  – 10.30 AM   Gratitude & Love : Shibashi Set 1 with Gratitude & Love

Join this class  HERE 

Classes will open 5 minutes before start time, to say hello, ask questions, settle in.


sliding scale donation: £ 5.55–  £ 15.15 for you to pay what you can afford during this time. If you are unable to pay, please join and receive this gift for Health & Happiness.

Pay via paypal.me/alexandrashiatsufriends and family – or email me for my bank details.

You are welcome to invite friends & anyone who you think might benefit. For private or corporate group sessions – please contact me.

“I take part in the session at my own risk. Throughout the session I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own well-being and will participate within the limits of my own health and mobility.”