Alexandra is a very special healer.  I spent decades searching for a healer to intuit what I needed on emotional, spiritual and physical level. I was fortunate enough to have […]

“Alexandra holds space in a very friendly and professional manner. She creates a warm and fun atmosphere, is approachable, allowing, encouraging, kind and gives clear teaching instructions. At all times listening to […]

Alexandra has the ability to support a gentle deep emotional response. She is a very “safe pair of hands.” I have known Alexandra first as a person in a group […]

  Alexandra has an energy that is inspiring, what she does flows and seems effortless. She creates a space where love and warmth can reside. Alexandra has a warm and intuitive way of teaching students […]

Clare Russell, clarerussell.com

Having a treatment with Alexandra is deep nurturance for mind,body and soul.  She is an intuitive and gifted practitioner, who creates a space of trust and presence where magic happens.  […]

Alexandra has a warm and intuitive way of teaching students Qigong. I have found her classes are open and friendly, where there is space to explore my own personal needs in a […]

‘ I felt soft like marsh mellow after the class. My neck and back pain was gone for the whole week.

‘ I am really grateful to Alexandra. Her classes are really inspiring. They offer me excellent tools for grounding. ‘