Horse and Rider Shiatsu

HorseShiatsu-5153HorseShiatsu-5241HorseShiatsu-5075Shiatsu enhances performance in you and your equine athlete.  Regular sessions support you both in training and development, working in all disciplines: dressage, show jumping, eventing, racing, endurance and hacking.

  • Prevention of and rehabilitation after injury
  • Alleviate pain, acute and chronic conditions
  • Help with behaviour changes – bucking, bolting, kicking, rearing
  • Empowers you to improve you and your horses’ health: identify and alleviate
    discomfort before it becomes an obvious problem
  • Achieve harmony between horse and rider through improved balance, suppleness and freedom of movement
  • Deepen your relationship through sensory communication of healing touch
  • Enhance awareness and perception through inner observation
  • Satisfying and joyful riding experience
  • Maintenance of brood mares and older horses

Alexandra is fully trained in equine and human shiatsu, as well as craniosacral therapy and has participated in Masterson Method workshops, too.

I combine my skills, responding to the individuals’ need in each moment.  Horses are brilliant communicators, clearly guiding me to areas that need to release tension. My passion is to support the horse – human partnership through bodywork and awareness, bringing greater harmony to the ridden experience.  For 16 years I have taught riders pre- and post ride techniques to support their mounts and themselves.

Please consider that veterinary permission may be required prior to Shiatsu sessions for your horse.

Shiatsu supports any conventional medical treatment you or your horse may be receiving.