Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, EFT, Qigong teaching- corporate and private – onsite treatments, workshops, events.

Hallo, herzlich wilkommen and a warm welcome. I like to introduce myself to you. My name is Alexandra. Over 20 years ago, my work with horses inspired my involvement with Shiatsu. My passion to support your unique healing journey leads me to deepening and expanding my practice continually. The treatments I offer are deeply nourishing and beneficial for people of any age, even for those who are fragile or in acute pain. They can be used preventatively and for a wide variety of conditions: stress and pain management, recovery from surgery, long-term illness, depression, anxiety, poor sleep.

My treatments support and complement any psychotherapy or western medical treatment you may be having. From our work together you can build up a repertoire of practical, effective tools, which you may chose to integrate into your daily life. I work with pregnancy, birth, mothers and babies, loss, death and grief. Assisted by nature, horses, and beautiful essential oils.

Embrace the courage to heal, be authentic, be more of who you truly are.

Covid 19 Offer:

I would like to support you via online zoom or telephone sessions. 

Dates and times for Qigong classes follow soon, until then please contact me for further info.

You can pay me via this link:  https://www.paypal.me/alexandrashiatsu

20% discount off all treatments or treatment combinations for NHS staff